Text Box: Text Box: The Old Lamb Hotel is situated west of Reading town centre, in a small village named Theale.

Theale owes much of its past and present prosperity to its good road communications links. In the pre-railway era, the village was an important staging post on the old Bath Road, as witnessed by the number of old pubs to be found on its High Street, and the former brewery that served them. One local legend claims that Theale got its name, "The Ale" from when it was the first staging post out of London along the Bath Road. Another claims that the village once held the record for having the most Public Houses in the smallest area - and indeed at one time the village was home to at least nine. Most likely neither story is true. The name possibly derives from an original meaning of "crossing over water".
Today the proximity of Reading and the motorway junction has attracted a number of distribution companies and offices; to the east of the village centre, Arlington Business Park is a large modern office campus. The same advantages have brought significant amounts of new housing to the village.
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